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IAF Membership

Accreditation body membership of IAF is open to organisations that conduct and administer programmes by which they accredit bodies for certification/registration of quality systems, products, services, personnel, environmental management systems of similar programmes of conformity assessment.

 These organisations must declare their intention to join the IAF Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA) recognising the equivalence of other members' accreditations to their own. IAF Association Members are organisations or associations that represent a similar group of entities internationally or within an economy or region. These entities are associated with programmes by IAF Accreditation Body Members supporting IAF objectives.

IAF Members may grant Special Recognition status to organisations that share a common objective with the Corporation. Organisations granted Special Recognition status may be represented and participate at any IAF Members meeting but are not eligible to vote.

Special Recognition status may also be granted to Regional groupings where the implementation of the IAF's multilateral recognition arrangement is promoted. Therefore Regional groups of Accreditation Bodies that operate a Regional Multilateral Recognition Arrangement based upon the equivalence of accreditations to IAF MLA, are eligible for Special Recognition status in IAF.

Downloads of the following documents are available in the Publications section of the site:

IAF Memorandum of Understanding and Bylaws

Application to join the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) 

Application for Special Recognition by IAF  

The route to signing the IAF or ILAC Arrangements (IAF/ILAC B1:03/2014)

For information on becoming a member of IAF email: secretary@iaf.nu


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