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IAF after 20 Years

By Randy Dougherty, IAF Chair and President

28 January 1993. This was the date of the meeting that resulted in the formation of IAF.  This was the beginning. This was the founding of IAF. This was the birth of IAF. Participants and observers at that first meeting represented organizations that we know of now as ANSI, RvA, UKAS, JAS-ANZ, SCC, ANAB and JAB.

2013 Mid-Year Joint IAF-ILAC Meetings, 27 April - 05 May, Frankfurt, Germany (www.iaf-ilac-meetings.org)

Study into the value of ISO 9001

The results of a joint study, carried out by UNIDO, ISO and IAF, show that the implementation of accredited certification to ISO 9001 brings positive results both to certified organisations and their customers, and ultimately to the economies themselves.


Closer Cooperation

Cooperation is on the key concepts embodied by IAF. Randy Dougherty provides an update on how the IAF is closely working with its key stakeholders.

Accredited certification delivers real added value

In 2010/11, IAF carried out a global survey to capture market feedback on the value of certification. The survey aimed to gain intelligence on the drivers for seeking certification, the selection criteria when choosing a body to provide certification services, the appropriateness of the process, and the positive outcomes of certification. The results are now published.


Message from the IAF Chair

I missed the opportunity to report directly to all IAF members at the IAF General Assembly that was to be held in Bangkok. So I will take this opportunity to use the IAF website to do this. ...full news story



EA Strategy 2010-2015

EA sets out its five year strategy to ensure greater co-operation with the European Commission, and to further improve the EA peer evaluation system. ...full news story



EA Membership has a new look

As part of the EA Strategic Plan for 2010-2015, the revision of the EA Articles of Association and Rules of Procedure has been finalised and presented to the EA General Assembly in May 2011. The revised AoA and RoP are now published on the EA website. ...full news story



Election of the EA Executive Membership

Election of the EA Executive members took place at the 27th EA General Assembly held on 25 and 26 May 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Read this article to find out the results.

...full news story



News from the EA Committees

A number of work items and documents are being progressed in the various EA Committees. This article summarises the latest topics of discussion and the work items being progressed.

...full news story



EAAB seeks new Chair in 2012

Guy Jacques from EUROLAB chaired his last EAAB meeting in October 2011. Guy’s professionalism, constant enthusiasm and great sense of humour played a great part in enhancing and promoting the EAAB’s work for many years. The EAAB now seeks a new Chair to continue the work.

...full news story



An update from IAAC

In May 2011, IAAC achieved a very important milestone as a Regional Cooperation; it was accepted as a signatory of the IAF MLA for the sub-scope of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on ISO/IEC 17021, and for the main scope of Product Certification based on ISO/IEC Guide 65. IAAC is also a signatory of the ILAC MRA for the scopes of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and a signatory of the IAF MLA for the sub-scope of Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification Bodies.

...full news story



An Update from PAC

PAC is delighted to congratulate Lane Hallenbeck of ANSI, USA on his appointment as Chair of ISO CASCO.  Lane has actively participated in PAC activities since 2000 and we are sure that his new role will continue to enhance and promote the role of accreditation in the voluntary sector throughout the world. On a sad note, Lane’s new role means that he is unable to continue as PAC Treasurer and a member of the PAC Executive Committee, due to time constraints. He recently resigned from these two roles and has been replaced on an interim basis with Mr Ron Coiner of IAS USA.

...full news story



PAC joins forces with PTB to train assessors for Organic Agriculture

 The Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC) recognises assessor training as an important tool to support PAC objectives. Find out how PAC has teamed up with PTB to build assessor competence in this area.

...full news story



OAA in Argentina to work closely with the Ministry of Labour

OAA, the Argentine Accreditation Body, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security under the Comprehensive Plan for Employment Promotion, in order to carry out actions related to the accreditation person certification bodies (ISO / IEC 17024).

...full news story



DAC continues to engage with stakeholders

Dubai Accreditation Department celebrated World Accreditation Day on 9th June 2011. A ceremony was arranged in the Zabeel Hall of DM club. In line with the theme of this year "supporting the work of regulators" the representatives of regulatory departments were also invited to attend the meeting.

...full news story



NCA hosts major international conference in Kazakhstan

NCA, the National Centre of Accreditation in Kazakhstan, organised a major conference to promote accreditation to its stakeholders, helping to demonstrate accreditation as a core element of the state programme of accelerated industrial development and innovation.

...full news story

Changes for the IAF MLA
IAF has moved away from three MLAs covering QMS, EMS and Product to one MLA with scope and changed the way the IAF MLA Mark is used in connection with Product certification ...full news 

 IAF-ISO Joint Communique -Transition to ISO 17021:2011 
ISO/IEC 17021 was revised and published on 1 February 2011.  IAF has set the date for implementation of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 as 1 February 2013, which is a two year transition from the date of publication. ...full news story

ISO 26000 Social Responsiblity
ISO releases statement on no certification to ISO 26000 Guidance Standard on social responsibility
...full news story

Tripartite MoU between IEC, ILAC and IAF (28 Oct 10)
IEC, ILAC and IAF sign an historic agreement which will help significantly to reduce cost, time and complexity for the reassessment of certification bodies and testing laboratories that are accredited by IAF and ILAC Member ABs (Accreditation Bodies). ...full news story 

World Accreditation Day 2011
June 9th 2011 will mark World Accreditation Day, a global initiative jointly established by the IAF and ILAC to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation-related activities. ...full news story

Bogus Accreditation Association 
A bogus organization called the Commonwealth of Nations Accreditation Board (CNAB) is plagiarising the website of the International Accreditation Forum. ...full news story

Expectations of Accreditation & Accredited Certification
This position paper has been prepared by the IAF User Advisory Committee. ...full news story   

IAF-ISO Joint Communiques - Expected Outcomes for Accredited Certification
IAF and ISO have released the following two joint Communiques covering concise statements of outcomes that are to be expected as a result of accredited certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ...full news story 

ISO/CASCO eNewsletter
For the ISO/CASCO eNewsletter please click on the link on the entry page. ...full news story

Problems with Cut Price Certification
Quick thinking is best defence against fraud ...full news story

Extract from the ENDS Report #364 


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