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Boosting the trade capacity of Least Developed Countries
MAPUTO, 24 March 2015 – Twenty four participants from Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal, Sudan, Swaziland, Togo and Uganda are attending a training course that aims to build the regional trade capacity of Least Developed Countries.

World Accreditation Day - June 9th 2015
IAF is delighted to announce World Accreditation Day, a global initiative jointly established by IAF and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). full news story

Promoting Accreditation at the WTO Public Forum
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has accepted a proposal from ISO, IEC, ILAC and IAF to host a joint session at the WTO's Annual Public Forum to promote the role that standards and accreditation play in trade facilitation. full news story

 IAF MLA Annual Report 2013
The IAF and its accreditation body members invest significant effort and resources to maintain the integrity and consistency of the MLA through a peer evaluation process. This report sets out the detailed activity that is carried out as part of the ... full news story

IAF after 20 Years

By Randy Dougherty, IAF Chair and President

28 January 1993. This was the date of the meeting that resulted in the formation of IAF.  This was the beginning. This was the founding of IAF. This was the birth of IAF. Participants and observers at that first meeting represented organizations that we know of now as ANSI, RvA, UKAS, JAS-ANZ, SCC, ANAB and JAB.

Self-Certification Is Not a Real Thing
Every once in a while we hear of a company that claims to have a self-certification to ISO 9001 - or some other management system standard. The company "certifies" that its organization conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001. It sounds ... full news story

Specifying Accreditation in Regulation
This factsheet specifies text that can be provided to regulators and specifiers to assist them in their drafting of regulation or specification. full news story

The Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) - An update
Following a favourable review by the IAF Executive committee and 30-day ballot to IAF members, ARAC was accepted in September 2013 as an IAF Special Recognition Organization - Regional Accreditation Group Member. full news story

GLOBALG.A.P. receives IAF endorsement 
The GLOBALG.A.P.  Integrated Farm Assurance certification scheme is the first product certification scheme ever to have achieved official endorsement by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). full news story

Study into the value of ISO 9001

The results of a joint study, carried out by UNIDO, ISO and IAF, show that the implementation of accredited certification to ISO 9001 brings positive results both to certified organisations and their customers, and ultimately to the economies themselves. full news story

Accredited certification delivers real added value

In 2010/11, IAF carried out a global survey to capture market feedback on the value of certification. The survey aimed to gain intelligence on the drivers for seeking certification, the selection criteria when choosing a body to provide certification services, the appropriateness of the process, and the positive outcomes of certification. The results are now published. full news story


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