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IAF Procedures documents lay down the procedures to be followed in implementing the IAF program, spelling out the procedures and processes which must be followed in order to satisfy the IAF Objectives, Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws, e.g. in the operations of IAF itself and for implementation of the MLA.  Members of IAF seeking membership of the IAF MLA must conduct their operations in a way which complies with all the requirements of the IAF Procedures which are relevant, or achieves the objectives of the Procedures in some equivalent way.

IAF conducts its own operations in accordance with the IAF Procedures documents. The IAF Procedures documents are available below.

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer it is available here free from Adobe.

IAF PR 1: 2015 Procedure for the Investigation and Resolution of Complaints
(Issue 3, issued on 27 July 2015; Application from 27 July 2015)
IAF has adopted the procedure set out in this document for the investigation and resolution of complaints made to IAF.  Complaints received may concern decisions and activities of IAF or IAF members, or conformity assessment bodies (CABs) accredited by IAF Accreditation Body Members.

IAF PR 2:2012 General Procedures for the Development of IAF Documents
(Issue 3, issued 13 August 2012; application from13 August 2012)
This procedure sets out the rules for the development and approval of IAF documents. It also lays down rules for the format of IAF documents.

IAF PR 3:2005  Procedures for IAF General Assembly Meetings
(Issued 7 October 2005; application from 7 October 2005)
This procedure sets out the formal rules for the management of the IAF General Assembly Meetings.

IAF PR 4:2015 Structure of the IAF MLA and List of IAF Endorsed Normative Documents
(Issue 7, issued 24 October 2015 with updated endorsed normative documents; application from 24 October 2015)
(Note: See also IAF Resolution 2016-23)
Describes the structure of the IAF MLA and publishes the list of IAF endorsed normative documents, including international standards, as required by IAF PR2..

IAF PR 5:2006 Procedure for Handling Applications for Membership in IAF
(Issued 1 August 2006, application from 1 August 2006)
The Procedure for Handling Applications for Membership in IAF lays down the procedures to be followed by the IAF Secretariat and Board upon receipt of an application to join IAF, and actions needed to complete the admission of new applicants according to the rules laid down in the IAF Bylaws.

IAF PR 6:2011 Assignment of IAF Liaisons
(Issued 8 November 2011; Application from 8 November 2011)
Procedure for the appointment of individuals to represent IAF or act as contact persons between organisations where IAF and its members have special interests


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