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The International Accreditation Forum, Inc. (IAF) is an international association of organisations that have agreed to work together on a worldwide basis to achieve common trade facilitation objectives. We are a major world forum for developing the principles and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment that will deliver the confidence needed for market acceptance. We act through the accreditation of those bodies that certify or register management systems, products, personnel and/or inspection.
We promote the worldwide acceptance of certificates of conformity issued by inspection, certification and/or registration bodies accredited by an Accreditation Body Member of IAF, and seek to add value for all stakeholders through what we do and through our programs.
We bring together, on a worldwide basis, partner accreditation bodies and representatives of stakeholder groups that seek to facilitate global trade through the acceptance of accredited certificates of conformity.

We develop and/or recognise appropriate processes and practices for the conduct of conformity assessment worldwide and ensure their universal application by IAF Accreditation Body Members and their accredited certification, registration and/or inspection bodies.

We consult widely with stakeholders in developing our programs and we work to deliver the best possible standard of conformity assessment in order to provide our stakeholders with a value added outcome.

We influence world trade through linking and working with other key international organisations and industry groups.

Approved by members of IAF November 2000.


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