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Policy Documents (PL Series)

IAF Policy documents set out the policies, including governance requirements, that IAF members are expected to follow as well as statements of the IAF viewpoint on current issues.  These include documents such as the IAF Bylaws, the Memorandum of Understanding, IAF Endorsed Normative Documents and similar foundation policies.

Download Policy Documents (PL Series)

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer it is available here free from Adobe.

IAF PL 1:2009 Code of Conduct for Members of the IAF
(Issue 2, Version 2, issued on 22 December 2009)
Outlines the broad principles of legal and ethical business conduct embraced by IAF.  This Code signifies voluntary assumption by IAF members of a standard of conduct that may often be above and beyond the requirements of the law.  Acceptance of this Code of Conduct is mandatory for IAF members as a condition of membership of IAF.

IAF PL 2:2015 Bylaws of the International Accreditation Forum Inc.
(Issue 7, issued on 26 November 2015; application from 26 November 2015)
Bylaws of the International Accreditation Forum Inc.

IAF PL 3:2016 Policies and Procedures for the Expansion of the Scope of the IAF MLA
(Issue 3, issued on 14 November 2016; application from 14 November 2016)
Provides policies and procedures for the expansion of the scope of the IAF MLA based on publicly owned (including Regulatory) Normative Documents and privately owned Sector Schemes.

IAF PL 4:2018 Rules for IAF Membership Fees
(Issue 5, issued on 23 July 2018: application from 23 July 2018)
This document sets out the rules for calculating and collecting membership fees for IAF members.

IAF PL 5:2020 Structure of the International Accreditation Forum Inc.
(Issue 7, issued on 21 October 2020, application from 21 October 2020)
Sets out the structure of the IAF, the responsibilities and duties of the IAF Board, Executive and Officers, as well as the Terms of Reference of the IAF Committees and Subcommittees.

IAF PL 6:2016 IAF Memorandum of Understanding
(Issue 6, issued on 26 February 2016; application from 26 February 2016)
The IAF Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the basic membership document of IAF. All members of IAF are required to sign the MoU and to abide by the commitments they make in it.

IAF PL 7:2015 IAF Quality Manual
(Issue 2, Version 2, issued on 06 February 2015; Application from 09 July 2014)
Describes the management system established to ensure the effective implementation of the Mission, policies and objectives of the International Accreditation Forum.
IAF PL 8:2016 Rules for the Use of the IAF Logo
(Issue 1, Version 2, issued on 12 April 2016; application from 12 April 2016)
Sets out the rules for the use of the IAF Logo (as opposed to the IAF MLA Mark).
IAF PL 9:2019 General Principles for the Use of the IAF CERTSEARCH Mark
(Issue 1, Issued 14 November 2019, application from 14 November 2019)
This document describes principles on the use of the IAF CERTSEARCH Mark by IAF MLA Signatory Accreditation Bodies under main scope ISO/IEC 17021-1, CBs accredited by IAF MLA Signatory ABs, and entities certified by CBs accredited by IAF MLA Signatory ABs.




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