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Promotional Documents

A range of resource materials promoting accreditation and accredited certification use by IAF members, their accredited certification bodies and other stakeholders interested in accreditation. (The English language version of all documents is the official version in all cases).

Promotional Brochures

IAF - An overview - A brochure explaining the role of the IAF.

ISO 13485 brochure

This brochure sets out the benefits and use of the ISO 13485 Medical Device initiative. Regulators are increasingly realising the benefit of recognising the quality management system standard ISO 13485 - Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Regulatory Purposes.  


Why use an accredited certification body to certify your management system brochure - Third party management systems certification is a frequently specified requirement. This brochure sets out how choosing a certification body that has been accredited by an IAF signatory has proved that it complies with best practice. This brochure is also available in Portuguese


How does Accredited Certification benefit regulators brochure - As a Regulator, this brochure sets out how you can rely on accredited certification to monitor compliance with standards, codes of practice, technical and regulatory requirements.


IAF MLA brochure - Gain a greater understanding of the IAF MLA, the mechanism that enhances the acceptance of goods and services across national borders, and see how it can benefit Government departments, Regulators and Businesses.

How do I gain confidence in an inspection body - Many companies provide inspection services, sometimes at what appears to be low cost. However,
before commissioning an organisation to undertake such work, it is important to consider the risks.

IAF MLA Annual Report 2010 

IAF MLA Annual Report 2011

The IAF MLA Annual Report sets out the detailed activity that is carried out as part of the peer evaluation process, to ensure that regulators, specifiers, and businesses can have confidence in the Arrangement.


The IAF Communications Committee has developed a weblink that can be used to link the IAF website from the websites of accreditation bodies, accredited certification bodies, liaison partners and other interested organisations.

Download instructions for use of weblink

Download colour weblink

Download black and white weblink

IAF Accredited Certification Survey

Accredited certification is a valuable tool for businesses says international survey
The value of accredited certification as a valuable business tool has been confirmed by a survey conducted by the IAF.  The global survey received over 4,000 responses from businesses operating across a diverse range of industries in more than 40 different economies. The survey aimed to clarify the drivers for seeking certification, the factors involved in choosing a certification body, and the extent of any benefit derived from the certification process. 

The findings of this survey can be downloaded: IAF Accredited Certification Survey


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